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  • First times are unforgettable

    D. @home

    Lille, october 2014

    by me.

  • Everybody loves a Turkish girl.

    Feat. Melis.

    Istanbul, August 2014

    By Me.

  • S. by me

    for Mighty Nudes vol.3 (coming soon!)

    Lille, July 2014

  • A. aka Belgian (Red) Devil

    Mighty Nudes Vol.3 is going well!

    Lille, june 2013

    By me.

  • Romy by me

    Lille, june 2014



  • Wonderful Sloane,

    Paris, June 2014

    By me.


    Hello Friend,

    Havent sent a contrib for ages so here we go.

    Let me introduce to you S. a wonderful parisienne

    Pola shoots as usual.

    T. aka Freakyelements

    Welcome back to SS glad you decided to share some more beautiful pictures. I hope you’ll submit again soon.
  • favorite #2 of my shoot with wonderful A!


    thomas kimmerlin (c)

    (via almilaadab-deactivated20140912)

  • Pola session with beautiful C.

    By me.

  • Great shoot with anaismordant yesterday.

    1 love.

    Photographer : Mighty Prod (Thomas Kimmerlin)

    Model & MUA : Anaïs Mordant

  • Irina Pa by Thomas Kimmerlin

    Lille, 2014


    #myfavoritepolaofher #shinoyamaspirit